29th of March 2016


Bucharest, Hotel Continental


Shaun RIORDAN, Sergiu CELAC, Valentin PREDA, Mihai IONESCU, Dumitru MIRON



SENIOR ANALIST @ Wikistrat and Senior Visiting Fellow @ Clingendael - the Netherlands Institute for International Relations

Shaun Riordan is a Senior Visiting Fellow of the Netherlands Institute

Valentin PREDA


Valentin is the Founder of the Romanian Business Exchange and National Association of Romanian Business Brokers. In


GENERAL SECRETARY @ A.N.E.I.R. and Co-President of the Romanian Export Council

Dumitru MIRON

Decanul Facultatii de Relatii Internationale din cadrul Academiei de Studii Economice Bucuresti

Sergiu CELAC

Ambasador de cariera, fost Ministru al Afacerilor Externe al Romaniei

Vicepreședinte al Asociației Române pentru Clubul de la Roma (din 2000);


ABOUT THE CONFERENCE / what it is about

In the era of fast business globalisation, fight for clients and new markets, the business executives need to find new methods and techniques to succeed.

The business paradigms are changing very quickly and the business environment is volatile and unpredictable. These evolutions create both threats and opportunities.

Companies must develop the capabilities to analyse and manage these geopolitical factors to mitigate risks and seize opportunities. They must also develop the resilience within the company to ensure the continuity of its operations despite the impact of the inevitable geopolitical shocks generated by the unpredictability of the international system. This requires both a deeper understanding of that system and the development of rich networks of information and influence among the stakeholders, governmental and non-governmental, who shape the company’s risk environment.

The invited speakers, will disclose how the specific methods and techniques used by the Diplomats exclusively to negotiate and deal with the State issues, are now being used by successful international business people and companies to achieve their business goals, address the risks and resolve their problems.

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Sergiu CELAC

Participants / who comes

Business Diplomacy Conference will open new horizons of knowledge and techniques useful to all global business actors looking to evolute in the global world that has come upon us.

83% of Romania’s economy is owned by foreign capital and 17% by the domestic one.

“In the 21st century every one is a diplomat, or they are outside the debate” Shaun RIORDAN

“Business Diplomacy is equally important for the multinationals global expansion as it is for the local companies survival”  Valentin PREDA

Recommended for the executive managers of multinational companies, entrepreneurs and businessmen, decision makers in companies, those responsible for international relations, Business Development, HR, PR, Public Affairs and Communication in various national and international organisations.

Of course, the Diplomats and those interested in a career in diplomacy are more than welcome.


Conference Schedule / dont forget it

09:30-10:00 Registration and welcome coffee

10:00-13:00 Business Diplomacy Conference (with a coffee break at 11:30)

  • Business Diplomacy concept, as a resilience and business continuity generator in the global business environment of the 21st century;
  • International business challenges, perceived from the mixt perspective of a Business Diplomat
  • Companies need to develop competences to create and manage relations with key international business stakeholders to penetrate new markets, mitigate risks and seize opportunities
  • Connections between global actors
  • Geo-strategic Networking, Creation of coalitions, influential and information networks  – as instruments used to identify and get access to new markets and protect the business in a volatile and unpredictable international business environment


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